INFO about Photo Sessions:

We choose the location together, depending on your wishes. It can be your home or another interesting location. We do not work in a studio.

Before taking pictures, we consult about wardrobe ideas that can be changed as needed.
Together, we will create a theme for the photo shoot, one that best suits you and your family.

Time is flexible and adjusted to the daily schedule of the children. Photo sessions last anywhere from 1.5h to 2.5h. When small babies are concerned, it can sometimes take 4h depending on if they need to be changed, fed or get restless. The schedule of the photo shoot is always dictated by the baby, we take breaks whenever necessary. The pictures are just as beautiful when babies are sleeping as when they are awake. We can work with either option to produce great photos.

When shooting, we record a large number of images and process all that are of a high quality. It can be between 20 and 50 images. After two or three weeks we organize a presentation to show you all the photos and you make the selection of those that are most beautiful to you.

If you select over 25 photos, one of your choice will be printed on a canvas and given as a gift.
You receive the chosen images in electronic form and on the highest quality photo paper, packed in a beautiful, handmade box.

NEWBORN – photography involves babies up to 3 months, best being in the first two weeks of life, from 7 to 14 days. In that period they are still relaxed, and mostly sleeping, therefore they are more easily placed in beautiful postures on the bean bag or in the basket. At this age colic still hasn’t begun making it easier to not wake the baby while taking pictures

We bring all the props including caps, bonnets, ribbons, clothing, etc to the photo shoot of newborns.

For photographing a newborn, it is necessary to contact us before you give birth in order to schedule and set an appointment for you on time.

CHILDREN – means babies ranging from age 3 months to adult life 🙂
In the first year, the most interesting periods are: the beginning of reliance on the hands, lying on the stomach (4th month), when they begin to sit (7th, 8th month) and when they begin to walk (12th month). Every period is beautiful, and very different from the other.

PREGNANCY – the most beautiful photographs are usually taken in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, depending on the size of the stomach. We rarely photograph in the 9th month, because it is very uncertain. Every day there is a possibility for going into labor. It would be a shame to miss the photo session if the baby comes before the term 🙂

Nowadays, everyone has hundreds of random digital photos on their phone, tablet, or stored on their computer that are never seen. Madrina Fotos creates collections of unique photos, you choose a couple of your favorite, and then we print them on a canvas, or make a photo book for you to cherish.

We also offer gift vouchers that you can give as presents to family members. Treat the dearest people in your life with a gift voucher for any occasion.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or at Madrina Fotos facebook page.